Investment Opportunities

Our extensive knowledge in distressed home repair, land issues,  real estate, sales, and marketing combined with our ability to offer  no initial costs, allows our clients to receive the professionalism they  want when investing in real estate.

Managed IRA

If your investment property is not under contract in six (6) months, IPA will purchase the property for the original sales price. That’s our guarantee to you!

Partnering with Investment Property Alliance, LLC (IPA) to invest in the Phoenix real estate market allows you to maximize your IRA by leveraging our extensive knowledge and capital to “flip” houses. Don’t miss out on one of the best kept secrets in real estate investing.

With more than seven decades of combined real estate experience and an intricate knowledge of the local market, IPA is uniquely situated to maximize profits on distressed homes, while minimizing the risk to investors.

The average time to complete the cycle from home purchase to sold is about three months. By reinvesting your earnings it is possible to fix and flip four or more homes each year, yielding returns to your IRA that the stock market could only dream about.

The process is simple and effective:

  • IPA will target distressed homes and negotiate a bargain price due to the necessity of repairs and remodeling
  • You will purchase the home through a self-directed IRA
  • IPA will pay for all repairs and remodeling to optimize the home for re-sale
  • IPA will actively market the property for sale and maintain it in good condition
  • After the home is sold, you and IPA will split all profits equally

We have lenders committed to lending 50% LTV on distressed homes. That effectively doubles your investment ability!

Foreclosure/Distressed Investing

Benefit from our decades of real estate experience by partnering with us on your next property investment. This is a true partnership in that we put our money into the investment as well.Foreclosure/Distressed Investing

IPA has experience in residential, land, and commercial real estate. We have developed a straight forward and simple approach to increasing the value and profitability of foreclosed/distressed homes for our investors.

There are several exit strategies available:

-Long Term

  • Traditional return on investment
  • Hold until market appreciates
  • Rental properties

-Fix & Flip

  • Take advantage of current market conditions
  • Increase the velocity of your investment money by leveraging our quick turn around improvement and sales ability

Advantages to Partnering with Investment Property Alliance:

– Leverage Decades of real estate experience to add value and security to your investment.

– IPA will pay for all repairs and improvements to the property.

– “If your investment property is not under contract in Six (6) months, IPA will purchase the property for the original sales price!”
That’s our Guarantee to you.

– Dramatically increase the velocity of your money.

– Return on Investment:
10-15% on 1 property per year
25-30% on 2 properties per year
35-40% on 3 properties per year

– No “Fix-it” know how required on your part.

– No daily management of the repairs required by you.

– After the home is sold, split all the profits and roll the money into the next investment with Investment Property Alliance.

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